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Probably you are looking for 100% natural body care products, that are enriched with a goat milk. However, goat milk can vary too! We are using Gveso Farm Happy Goat milk, which is especially beneficial for your skin. Gveso farm is located In Lechkhumi, 560 meters above the sea level, in a clean environment where goats live happily in the beautiful mountains enjoying fascinating landscapes. Therefore, their endorphins make our milk exceptionally beneficial for you!

Our “Factory”

To be honest, you can not name our production place a factory. Let me explain why. Imagine the place, in the middle of Kartli, following the “Gvinis Gza” (Wine Road), 2000 square meters garden full of vineyard, fruits, colorful flowers planted by “Methuselah ” , and a huge house in the middle, which has a door at each side and every single thing: furniture, decorations, crockeries and dishes have their own story. This is where Sapovnela creates natural beauty products!

Little Lady of a Big House

Methuselah is the man in the Hebrew Bible reported to have lived the longest.  And Methuselah is also the nickname of the Little Lady of a Big House - Ketie. She desires everyone to live a long and healthy life so she is advising all of us to start our day with the mixture of honey and water, bee pollen and  Aloe vera since all of them make our immune system stronger. She thinks that lots of flowers and plants are good for our health, especially ones that attract bees. She also has a diploma in Pythotherapy and Apitherapy so we can trust her. She is the one that drives our “factory”.

We are waiting for you!

All of Saponvelas products are handmade, so they require not only creative skills but positive emotions too. We took the best quality natural ingredients, added variety of herbs, enriched it with the happy goat milk, mixed them together and we are now waiting for you!

Who Found Sapovnela?

Rusudan Kbilashvili – a mother of two golden-haired boys, PR and CSR manager of Wissol Group, a shareholder of Gveso Farm, a candidate of PhD, simultaneously works and gives lectures, and assures that, she still manages to cook at home. She says that her children grew up eating organic meat, vegetables and fruit from the Gveso village and would be very happy if instead of Coca-Cola they start every morning with a  Happy Goats milk. Rusudan claims it took her so long to think about the name of the brand, that she had a dream about Sapovnela.

Little Lady of a Big House

Ketevan Lomashvili – if you visit her she will hug you! This is why there are always tourists visiting her “Marani” (Special room in Georgia where wine is made). She knows the Apitherapy (medicine that cures with bee products), Phytotherapy (medicine that cures with herbs) and is a beekeeper. If you visit her she will offer you organic food, honey, and tell you the story of where she brought every stone of her “Marani” from. Caring about her own and others health is all that she thinks about. Her storage rooms are full of Dandelion, Jojoba, Lavande, other herbs and jars full of honey.

“Phytosupply” Manager

Lali Bunturi – they say that people from mountain know all about herbs. She also has not given up on her family tradition and knows where each herb grows and how they benefit our health. She is from the village Tskhvati, 1360 meters above the sea level. According to the data collected in 2002, the population of this village was 44 people. Today we don’t know how many people live there, but we are happy that she does and works for Sapovnela. She hand picks every beneficial herb for our products. She has a medical degree and almost every monastery or church in Georgia uses herbs supplied by her. During winter, when herbs do not grow, she works for Okami Wine factory. Most importantly, everyone loves her!

We could not take her picture because she went somewhere in the mountains to handpick the herbs.

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